Oliver Hilbert

Oliver Hilbert

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First Name * Oliver
Last Name * Hilbert
Username * revilo3D
Country * Canada
Nationality New Zealand
Languages EnglishGerman


Current Position Animator;Artist;Audio / Sound;Cinematographer;Compositor;Designer;Editing, Film, Video, Digital;Lighter;Modeller;Renderer;Rigger;Rotoscoper
Areas of Expertise ArchitectureGames ComputerGraphic DesignMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionVFXVisualisation
Preferred Tools Compositing3ds maxAfter EffectsAnimationArchitectural VisualisationArt DirectionCombustionConcept artDesignFeature FilmsFilmGraphicsHDR ShopLightingMAYAMEL ScriptMental RayModelingmodellingMotion CaptureMotionBuilderPhotographyPhotoshopPost ProductionPremiereRenderingRendermanRiggingShadingShakeSimulationTexturingVFXVideoXBOX 360ZBrush


Website www.revilo3d.com


At 29 yrs of age I am now into my 8th year in CG arts.

I feel my versatility and experiences have made me the artist I am today, and am always striving to become an artist that will find new forms of expression and find ways share with others how rewarding and important it is to do so.

I am currently a Cinematics Artist with Midway Studios, Newcastle. Always having had a passion for the pure visual makeup, lighting and composition of imagery, I have taken on a roll that enables me to further be involved in exploring that. I hope in the future to open new doors and become better recognized internationally as a 3D artist, chasing whatever it is i seek, knowing that when i find it I have the ability the share it with everyone around me.


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